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Pick your video length and pre-selected music

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Upload all your video files (no sorting needed)

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Our professionals hand-pick the best footage

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You receive your beautiful film within 14 days

Let us produce your film

You don’t want to spend time editing your travel, events or sport videos? We’ll do it for you and produce a beautiful film you can share with your friends.

Simply choose your film length and your music then send us your raw GoPro, Drone, or high definition action camera footage and let our professional producers turn it into a beautiful story to share.

1 min film

  • Up to 60min of raw video files
  • Choice of 6 soundtracks
  • Beautifully produced into a 1 min. film
  • Non-commercial license
  • Ideal for your sports video and day-long events

2.5 min film

  • From 60 min. to 180 min. raw video files
  • Choice of 10 soundtracks
  • Beautifully produced into a 2.5 min. film
  • Non-commercial license
  • Ideal for your travels or long events & adventures

Some Of Our Films

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beautiful snowboard film

We make you look beautiful

We cut out all the footage that doesn’t show you at your best and remove unwanted recordings (e.g. you setting up the camera, or dropping it!). All to produce a seamless video and to make sure you look as beautiful as possible.

share your gopro film

Share your film everywhere

Your film comes with a standard music license which means you are free to share your video anywhere(Facebook, Youtube…) as long as it isn’t for commercial purposes.

safe file upload

Your files are safe

We respect your confidentiality and your files will never be shared publicly without your approval. All our staff and suppliers are bound by a privacy contract.

fast gopro film

Your video within 2 weeks

We guarantee your video back within two weeks of having received all of your files. That means you can enjoy your holiday and adventure videos faster and share them around to re-live them with your friends.


Just purchase a film credit and send us all of your raw GoPro or drone video files, we’ll edit them for you so you can share them around.

Don’t wait up, beautiful GoPro and drone videos are only asking to be produced for you.

1 min film

  • From 15 min. to 30 min. of raw video files
  • Ideal for your sports video and day-long events

2.5min film

US$ 150*
  • From 60 min. to 180 min. raw video files
  • Ideal for your travels or long events & adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you any type of video?

We only work with high resolution videos (1080p and over) but specialise in GoPro, drone (and similar high definition action camera) footage.

All content should also be compliant with our terms of use and must not contain any restricted content.

How do I send you my video files?

After the video credit purchase, you will have the opportunity to upload files to our secure Dropbox. Just click on the link, select all of your files and enter your name and email.

What are the means of payment?

Our website is equipped with an SSL certificate which means your transaction will be safely processed.

We use the Paypal platform and you can choose to pay with credit/debit card or directly with your Paypal account.

Are my files safe and confidential?

Of course. We understand that your files are personal and would never use them or publish them without your consent.

What happens if I don't like the video you produce?

Our aim is to produce a video you can be proud of. Your video will go through multiple quality checks before reaching you until it’s absolutely perfect.

We strongly recommend that you have a look at our portfolio and that you decide if you are happy with the style and quality of the videos displayed.

We will ensure that the quality of video production is consistent with the work you can see in our portfolio.

Our pricing does not include any revisions, but we can offer a discount on another video credit to re-edit your existing file. Simply click on the contact us tab.

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Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to be a part of our team.

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