About us - Mycloclo - Your videos, beautifully produced into a film

About us

Mycloclo is a video production company, specialised in high-resolution films such as GoPro and Drone videos. We are a French and international team based out of Toulouse, South of France. We started Mycloclo the day we realized we had about 3 years’ worth of GoPro video files that were never edited and never shared *sad face* and that it was a common problem amongst GoPro owners.

Our mission is to fill this world with beautiful films. High-resolution, action- or scenery-focused, shot with a GoPro, a drone or any of those useful little gadgets that are spreading all over the world. We want to enlighten your Facebook feed with great GoPro films, outstanding drone footage, and lots and lots of happy faces. We want to make use of this forgotten video footage sitting still in your computer, hard-drive and other dusty storage.

And above all, our mission is to make professionally edited films at anyone’s reach. So that you can simply come back from that ski trip or that Florida holiday and just think “I’ll just send everything to Mycloclo”, and in a short time you can share a really cool film, professionally synced on music, with complete ownership and rights to upload to any platform you’d like, Youtube included.

So we aim to make it easy: you choose your song, choose your length, and transfer your all your raw files. No need to select the best parts, we’ll do that for you! That’s it. You can describe your video, this way we ensure to understand the context and are able to pick the best video footage, the one which you will most enjoy reliving through your produced film. Simple, fast and beautiful.

You record your best memories on your GoPro, drone or action camera, and we do the video editing for you. And we simply love it, selecting the best part of your exploits, syncing it on the music, enhancing the whole video to have a result we, and you, can be proud of.

Less time on the computer, more time for adventures!