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How to Best Record your Travel Videos with your Drone and GoPro

You have your action camera and your drone, a plane or train ticket, and are excited to document trip and record your travel videos? Shoot your best travel videos yet with those tips and make sure you are fully equipped to create a beautiful film.

Packing checklist:

  • Your action camera (GoPro) and/or beloved Drone
  • Memory Cards (plural, or a really large capacity one)
  • Charger, cord, and international outlet adaptor (!)
  • Fixations
  • The right bag to carry all of the above
  • A lot of enthusiasm

This may all seem obvious to you, but we’ve all been there and forgotten one of those. Now that you are equipped, how do can you make sure you get a wonderful result you’ll be able to share with your friends and make them jealous of your wonderful travels (and/or convince them to join you on the next one!)?

1. Create a build up

Start recording even before you feel you’re on holidays! Whether you record the packing, the airport/car trip, or simply the cool bunch of people coming with you, it always makes up for a nice 5 second introduction to your video.

2. Insert signs in your travel video

Two years from now, you may wonder “where was this again?”. We keep our videos clean of any overlay text to not distract from the main focus, but we love to include signs of locations, this way you’ve got the places labeled. There are always signs (not to get spiritual here!), so look for them: road signs, airport signs, shop signs, maps, tourist information, labeled souvenirs, hitchhikers, and even a pen and a piece of paper!

3. Focus on the beautiful and engaging

Throughout your travels, you may find a coconut on the road funky, or birds high up in the trees super cute, although recorded on an action camera or a drone it may not look as good. Try to shoot primarily in well-lit areas, with a large focus to suit the wide angle. Those cameras are engineered to shoot landscapes and action-shots best, so try to stick to that, but don’t forget to include the people too!

4. Mind the wide-angle

Make sure to test the angle. It tends to be very wide on GoPro-style cameras. Whenever you fix the camera onto a surface, make sure that it is (safely) very close to the edge so that you don’t have half of the video frame filled with your car’s dashboard for example. You can also get creative and plan it to have the road’s reflections on your car’s front hood, simply keep in mind the angle and don’t hesitate to check it on the associated app, a LCD screen or your computer.

5. Plan your footage

As mentioned in Top 5 GoPro Shooting Tips, it is important to vary the point of views in order to have engaging travel videos. That requires a bit of thinking prior to shooting. Think of the best spots to place your camera and keep the videos short in each case. Place it on your head, your car, your dog, the corner of the room, in the sand, on the road, on a roof, on a post, at your feet, get creative!

6. Save save save!

Even if you have a kick-ass travel insurance, make sure to back up your files every other day if you can. Our recommendation is to use the cloud, this way even if you get robbed, lose or damage your belongings, you will always be able to access it once home. Everything you own is replaceable, memories aren’t.

7. Smile!

When we said to make sure to pack enthusiasm, we weren’t kidding! We know you have to think, plan, create, shoot, watch your belonging and not miss your next flight, but a travel video of you always worrying is not fun to watch. Even if you have to fake it, make sure you don’t pull a face in front of the camera.

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