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5 GoPro Shooting Tips, setting up and editing

Top 5 GoPro Shooting Tips

Based on our experience, here are a few tips on how to make sure you have the best footage on your GoPro camera to then produce a beautiful film – because that’s what we’re all about. Here are our top 5 GoPro Shooting Tips:


  1. Choose your resolution well

As a general rule, we recommend to keep your GoPro settings at 1080p for the best result on your TV screen, and at the highest frame rate per seconds (fps).

Now, if you’re not afraid of large files and you have a GoPro Hero 4 (or+), you can shoot in 4K which is basically super high definition.

When shooting in low light, a lower frame rate is suggested so you have more light coming through your lens. Always keep your frame resolution at 1080p at least though, just lower the frame rate.

If you plan some slow motion (“slomo”), make sure to have a high fps.

  1. Change your point of view (POV)

Yes you probably have heard it many times, and you’re thinking “well I don’t have all those accessories so it will have to be on my head or my pole”.

Option 1: give your camera to your mates. This way you can appear on the video too, and they will have a different way of shooting, even if it’s just because their head is higher!

Option 2: don’t hesitate to put the camera down: on the road between the wheels (be careful with that!), in the corner of the room, on the kitchen counter, on the sand, on a branch, on a lamppost… Get creative!

  1. Keep your footage short when possible

This has a few purposes. First, you will save a lot of space. Second, it will make you focus on recording only the very best scenes and will force you to change your point of view.

Keep in mind that we have as a general rule to only keep 3 to 5 seconds shots of the same thing, in order to make sure the video is varied and entertaining. So you may want to avoid the 20-min-long video of your feet walking up a trail, or your hour-long laps in the pool.

  1. Keep focused on recording videos

Photos are cool too, don’t get us wrong. But we won’t use them to create your stunning film: we focus on action and movement. Now that we’re here to produce your videos, you don’t have to be afraid of not having any memories to share, we’ll make you a lovely video that you can share on Facebook and other platforms. GoPros can take beautiful photos and you’ll probably be happy to have a few, but try and focus on shooting videos and maybe use a more appropriate type of camera for your photos.

  1. Keep your lens clean (of water, dust, sunscreen, fog…)

If you’re a GoPro traveler, you may know about the mist of sunscreen that ended up being across your whole travel videos, or if you are a GoPro water-enthusiast (sailing, jet-ski, snorkeling, diving…) you may know about that drop of water that was in the way of the perfect shot.

If you can, try to get a sneak peak at the quality of the video (and lens cover state) through a GoPro LCD Bacpac or through your phone. And then remember to check every now and then to clean your lens. You can use a moist tissue, a cotton fabric (but make sure the lens cover is moist to avoid scratches), or more appropriate photographer equipment.


We hope to have given you the 5 most important tips, but we’re sure that you have many more of your own, share them below with us and all our GoPro enthusiasts :).

We look forward to making your film out of your GoPro videos!